Personal Training

Personal Training is a supervised exercise session. You will be matched with a Personal Trainer who has experience in what you are trying to accomplish.

One-on-one attention is given to make sure you are using proper form and technique. Our trainers will help you determine the best exercises for achieving your goals. Your trainer will diversify your training plan and keep you motivated to allow for continued progress.

Our trainers are certified professionals with education and experience across many disciplines.

Your trainer will customize a fitness plan to fit your needs and schedule.


You can schedule just a few sessions with a trainer, train several times a week, or just check in periodically.

Personal Training Rates:


One Hour:

# of Sessions Member Potential
1 $40 $54
5 $180 $246
10 $330 $456 


Half Hour:

# of Sessions Member Potential
1 $20 $27
10 $200 $270
20 $370 $504 


Semi-Private (2 people):

One Hour:

# of Sessions Member Potential
5 $100 $150
10 $185 $282


Half Hour:

# of Sessions Member Potential
10 $110 $162
20 $205 $306


*Semi-Private rates are per person.

Must have similar availability, goals & abilities.

The Jamestown YMCA’s certified Personal Trainers will design a custom exercise program just for you.  They will provide motivation, guidance and education you need to feel great and get the results you desire.


Personal training is for you if you are:

  • a beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct exercise technique
  • experienced and training hard but not attaining the results you want
  • wanting to lose body fat
  • looking to break through plateaus
  • having a hard time sticking with a program
  • bored with your present routine
  • injured or suffering from a medical condition

For additional information, contact the Wellness Director at 716-664-2802 ext 231