Lakewood Family YMCA


Jamestown YMCA
101 East Fourth Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
Phone: (716) 664-2802
Fax: (716) 488-7680
Welcome Center Ext.220
CEO, Mark Eckendorf Ext.221
Child Care Executive, Gina Bloomquist Ext.222
Camp Onyahsa Director, Jon O’Brian Ext.223
Office Manager, Connie Myers Ext.224
Asst. Office Mgr, Donna Jackson Ext.225
Business Manager, Kathy Fischer Ext.226
Youth Desk Ext.227
Massage Therapist, Sandra Anderson Ext.229
Fourth Street Housing Manager, Rick Solinger Ext.230
Wellness Director, Meg Pickard Ext.231
Nautilus Room Ext.232
Aquatics Director, Jason Chinni Ext.233
Lower Pool Ext.234
Membership & Marketing Director, Karen Schiavone Ext.236
Property Manager, Matt Scolton Ext.237
Director of Administration, Camp Onyahsa, Itza Morales Ext.238
Babysitting Room Ext.241
Teen Director, John Barber Ext.242
Nutrition Zone Ext.244
Teen Center Desk Ext.245


Lakewood YMCA
183 East Fairmount Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750
Phone: (716) 763-0303
Fax: (716) 763-4728
Front Desk Ext.21
Branch Manager, Tom Anderson Ext.22
Office Manager, Donna Garvey Ext.23
Property Manager, Michael Anderson Ext.28
Gymnastics Director Ext.29
Director of Tennis, Paul Young Ext.26
Babysitting Room Ext.30


Eastside YMCA
727 East Second Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
Phone: (716) 484-3729
Fax: (716) 484-6732
Branch Manager, Max Martin


YMCA Camp Onyahsa
5411 E. Lake Road (Route 430)
Dewittville, NY 14728
Phone: (716) 753-5244
Fax: (716) 753-2354
Camp Director, Jon O’Brian Ext.223
Director of Administration, Itza Morales Ext.238


YMCA Heritage House Child Care Center
105 Prather Ave
Jamestown, NY 14701
Phone: (716) 338-0111
Child Care Center Director, Ronda Migliore