Camp Onyahsa Camps & Rentals

YMCA Camp Onyahsa, on northern Chautauqua Lake, will be offering day camps, family camps, and cottage rentals to respond to the rising community needs for safe, healthy, quality child care and family outings.


Day camps for area youth ages 5-12 will begin June 29th. For this program, campers will be divided into three non-intersecting camps of no more than fifteen campers based on age. Each day camp will be further divided into three groups of five youth to ensure social-distancing and a high level of supervision. Strict health protocols will be in effect throughout the program. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, no overnight youth camps will be available this summer.


On weekends, the Camp will offer families the opportunity to “de-quarantine” outside of the home beginning June 20th. Family households of up to six members will experience the fun of Camp’s traditional activities with the Onyahsa staff for four, eight, sixteen, 24, or 28 hours of activities. The maximum enrollment will be three, non-intersecting, households. Strict health protocols will apply to all participants.


In addition, the YMCA Camp will offer daily rental of its Lakefront Family Cottage beginning June 20th . This facility is equipped with a full kitchen, two bathrooms, an outdoor charcoal grill, sleeping space for up to six people (no visitors permitted) and a beautiful view of Lake Chautauqua. Families may use program areas when they are not utilized by registered campers and may enjoy the waterfront with permission of the certified aquatic staff. As a rental, food service is not included. Camp will provide bedding and strict health protocols will apply.


For more information, including pricing and registration, consult the YMCA Camp Onyahsa website: